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Red zebra carousel art funny animal painting surrealism

This playful, imaginative painting of a girl riding a red striped zebra of her imagination in carousel of dreams.

Original, signed acrylic painting mounted on wrapped canvas

30 x 40"

Inspired by my love for animals, childhood dreams, and the power of imagination, this collection is an invitation into a roller coaster ride of dreams and introspective narrative of escapism into the subconscious. Horses are used to symbolize the power of the imagination and escapism into a world of dreams. This collection is characterized by contradictions, such as the juxtaposition of the individual imagination and the conformist world of isolation. This suggested dichotomy is humorously displayed as children obsessively send text messages while riding carousel horses rather than enjoying the simple pleasures of childhood. This dream world is humorously characterized by personal perceptions, synthesized symbolism, social commentary, and explosive movement. It represents the confrontation of life’s biggest fears while playfully celebrating individuality, demonstrating the importance of holding on to one’s inner child and never letting go.

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