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Scary skeleton art haunted painting dark art contemporary art

 This painting represents our superficial, materialistic, and narcissistic society as the children are having a party, oblivious to the dead carousel horses. They are so trapped in their own materialistic worlds, and are so obsessed with themselves and going to parties, that they fail to realize that they have killed the carousel horses that they are riding. Instead they eat cupcakes, spill their champagne, and enjoy their ride on the dead carousel, without the slightest awareness of the deaths that they have caused. It symbolizes society's promotion of mindlessness and extroversion over independent thinking and introversion. Like these deaths on the carousel, the society's conformists live their lives spinning in circles and going nowhere.

The Nightmare Collection provides an intimate narrative into the relationship between our materialistic culture's technology obsession and conformity, loneliness, and isolation. It is characterized by contradictions, such as the juxtaposition of the individual imagination and the collective, conformist world of isolation.Social commentary is provided through the manifestation of personal perceptions and synthesized symbolism.

Funeral Party

30 x 40"

Signed Original Acrylic Art on Canvas

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