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Scary carousel red zebras dark art nightmare art

Lullaby Underneath the Stars Shows the importance of following your childhood dreams and being true to oneself. It depicts an escape from the pain of life through dreams. And even in these dreams, there is escapism, as the red zebras gallop toward freedom. But if they are escaping dreams, where do they go? Back to reality? The painting is a juxtaposition of pop culture, as represented from the singer, as a study in introspection.

The Nightmare Collection provides an intimate narrative into the relationship between our materialistic culture's technology obsession and conformity, loneliness, and isolation. It is characterized by contradictions, such as the juxtaposition of the individual imagination and the collective, conformist world of isolation.Social commentary is provided through the manifestation of personal perceptions and synthesized symbolism.

30 x 40"

Signed Original Acrylic Art on Canvas

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