The Introspection Collection is a series of powerful black and white abstract expressionistic paintings that are hauntingly ethereal and represent the intangible connection of the human spirit with the natural world. Introspective in nature, haunting dreamscapes of the subconscious demonstrate the delicate balance between natural and supernatural worlds. Light, unworldly spirits symbolize the fragility of life as they appear in a seemingly tenuous, imaginative world.

My studies in veterinary medicine and love for nature inspired the creation of this hybrid of dreamscapes/landscapes that demonstrate the balance between the ghostly visions of the imagination and a tangible world of science and nature

LINES is a collection about the relationship between art and science. These powerful black and white abstract expressionistic paintings are inspired by the designs in nature. They represent contradictions in contrast, using heavy and light brushstrokes that intertwine in repetitive patterns in monochromatic designs.  These powerful and expressive images demonstrate the rawness, power, and beauty of the natural world. 

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